Photo Challenge: Yarn


Yarn wrapped around flowers.

I have recently been contacted by the very talented Elisabeth Andrée from “About Crochet”, asking me if I was interested in joining her photo challenge “Yarn Through The Lens” – a visual presentation demonstrating how creative people see the woolen material through their cameras.

I felt so honoured to get an own exposition on her blog that I immediately agreed. A few days later: disillusionment. Damn [replace with profanity of your choice], how do I display yarn without simply photographing a blue ball of wool?, was my first thought when I started to brainstorm ideas. The fact that I do not often work with yarn made this a real challenge in the truest sense of the word!

Lesson learned: if you can’t crochet it, wrap it! I hope you have as much fun while looking at yarn through my lens as I had while taking the photos. Curious? Visit my yarn exposition on “About Crochet”.

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