You Don’t Want To See Milford Sound Under The Sun

…at least I think so when looking at the photos from my last trip there (June 2014)!

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Mount Eden Rush Hour 2


Mount Eden during the two hours right before sunset (please click on the image to see the single frames larger)

I love Mount Eden! Especially during Rush Hour.

And I am regularly attracted to visit the popular volcanic cone in Auckland’s centre with my camera. Just yesterday I went back there to photograph the bustling activities before sunset. I wasn’t disappointed.

A collage over time – like the one you can see above – was my original intention (in the style of my Wynyard Crossing collage). But with the help of an estimated 50 sporty Aucklanders and 80 tourists I shot 274 photos. Woot!

Here are my three favourite frames (cropped from the much bigger originals):


5 Japanese tourists with their mobile phones and one female model — A dancer — People taking a break after running uphill

I didn’t intent to create a timelapse, but after seeing the amount of photos I gave it a try. It’s not a flawless video since I didn’t take my photos with the same time intervals (sometimes I didn’t take a photo for 1 or 2 minutes; at other occasions I took 3 in a row). I am still satisfied with the outcome and motivated to go back for a real timelapse.

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Mount Eden Rush Hour

Since I am living close to Mount Eden in Auckland it is probably no big surprise that I like to spend my evenings there. I did so during the past three days in fact and captured some typical ‘rush hour moments’. Mount Eden’s busiest time of the day is without doubt the sunset hour (30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the sunset). However, I wasn’t too interested in the sky spectacle during the past three days, but hoped to document the different types of Eden visitors. Why? Because!

  • Walkers, enjoying the various paths across the cone
  • Workers, prefering a green environment to grey office walls
  • Photographers, marching up with all kinds of technology to get that one good sunset shot
  • Tourists, arriving in crammed buses starring like mesmerized towards the West
  • Runners, getting into competition with dogs and cyclists; all enjoying the cooler time of the day

And it is everyday the same procedure – no exceptions!

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