One Year Weather Photography Over Rangitoto

Exactly one year ago, while updating my blog post “Sunrise Over Rangitoto”, I decided to keep on photographing the weather phenomenons over that volcanic island near Auckland – always from the same viewpoint. As of today, I created 37 panoramas over the past 12 months, all depicting some typical moments of a city by the sea. I uploaded them

  • as a collage with all photos in chronological order: photo 1 was taken in March 2013; the last photo in March 2014 (please click the collage to enlarge it)
  • as a gallery to browse all captures by theme: sunrise, cloudy, foggy, rainy, cloud free (please scroll past the collage for the gallery view)
weather-over-rangitoto-all Kopie

Weather over Rangitoto, Auckland, New Zealand (March 2013 – March 2014)

Click any photo below to open the gallery mode. Then browse by using the arrows to the right or left.

More Weather Photography!

Auckland In Rainbow Colours

Over the past week several locations in Auckland City lit up in rainbow colours for the Pride Festival 2014. I figured there wouldn’t be any better timing than the very last day of the Sochi Winter Olympics to present you some of my photo impressions. Nod if you agree. Cheers!

While it was easier to capture the Auckland War Memorial Museum and The Gantry at Silo Par, the Sky Tower turned out to be a challenge. The landmark kept changing colours twice per second; exposing longer than 1 second would have made the top of the tower white. Thanks to an aperture of f1.8 and a nearly noiseless ISO 1000 I captured Roy G. Biv for a collage of seven frames.

I quite enjoyed this colour parade. Congrats New Zealand for being broad-minded!

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Sun Halo over Oz

sun halo

Sun Halo as seen on Phillip Island on the 25th of December 2013

During a walk at The Nobbies on Phillip Island in the South of Australia I was treated to a rare phenomenon that had people turning their heads to the sky: a Sun Halo.

The light refraction causing this optical phenomenon happens due to ice crystals in a thin veil of cirrostratus clouds high in the atmosphere (as opposed to low level raindrops which create rainbows when interacting with sunlight).

sun halo

Sun Halo, birds and light flare as seen on Phillip Island on the 25th of December 2013

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