Photo Essay: Australian Grounds

I did it again. Low angle lurking. This time in Oz.

A couple of you might know that I am a fan of groundshots and that I started to collect landscape images of a certain style on various social networks. Hashtag #landscapegroundshot.

Today I want to show you my personal Top 30 groundshots taken along the coastline of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. They represent a tiny glimpse of the typical flora in certain locations as well as nature’s treasures after being washed ashore by the sea or carried away by a gust of wind.

All pictures appear in chronological order. By viewing the gallery you will get impressions from Adelaide to Melbourne to Sydney. Please click on an image to enlarge it and read its description.

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Photo Essay: Victoria, Australia

This is part 2 of our Christmas road trip through Australia in pictures: Adelaide, SA >>> Melbourne, VIC >>> Sydney, NSW (4,500 km).

One word only: Koalas!

Ok, a few more words because this is important. After travelling South Australia for a week without spotting a single cuddly marsupial we started to wonder how come that it is so difficult to see even one koala dozing in the treetops. Is Australia’s iconic creature under threat?

Short answer: Yes! Before visiting Australia we did not know how bad the situation is, but a couple of National Parks in Victoria are starting to inform tourists as well as locals about the dangers that destroy koala habitat. The one that surprised me most was the frequency of bushfires.

You might think – like I used to do – that all bushfires are bad. Now here is the thing: Bushfires are essential to the Australian ecosystem. The continent has been burning for many centuries, and Aborigines even used strategic fires once they discovered the power of the flames.

At this point I could go on for a while and easily extend to a long answer, but I will elaborate the “bushfire issue” in a coming post. Today’s focus is on Victoria in images – the Australian state where we finally saw our first koalas in the wild. It’s a truly memorable encounter…

Please click on the photos to enlarge them and to read their captions. Have a great day!

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Sun Halo over Oz

sun halo

Sun Halo as seen on Phillip Island on the 25th of December 2013

During a walk at The Nobbies on Phillip Island in the South of Australia I was treated to a rare phenomenon that had people turning their heads to the sky: a Sun Halo.

The light refraction causing this optical phenomenon happens due to ice crystals in a thin veil of cirrostratus clouds high in the atmosphere (as opposed to low level raindrops which create rainbows when interacting with sunlight).

sun halo

Sun Halo, birds and light flare as seen on Phillip Island on the 25th of December 2013

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