1 Million Tweets To #BringDownTheKing – Hilarious Marketing

Have a look at my mobile snapshots from a creative kiwi marketing campaign which caused “Game of Thrones” to trend on Twitter – just in time for the launch of season 4.

Short story: Game of Thrones fans were challenged over the past days to use their collective Twitter voices to topple King Joffrey (a fictional character created by George R. R. Martin) by tweeting the hashtag #BringDownTheKing.

For an explanation how this worked please click on the photos and read their captions.

Fans of the show could follow the progress of King Joffrey’s tumble on the official campaign site bringdowntheking.com. Two webcams broadcasted live (24/7) from Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand.

1 million tweets using the hashtag #BringDownTheKing were needed; goal achieved in 5 days.

My favorite moments today, shortly before the king came down:

1. A seagull s(h)itting on King Joffrey’s head getting extra applause from the audience
2. A fan stealing the crown after the fall and running away faster than any security staff

There are things that the best marketing agency simply can’t plan in I guess.

By the way…

…I did my part:


…even though King Joffrey wasn’t amused:


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