Photo Essay: New South Wales, Australia

This is part 3 – the final part – of our Christmas road trip through Australia in pictures: Adelaide, SA >>> Melbourne, VIC >>> Sydney, NSW (4,500 km).

When people ask me for the Australian National Park that I enjoyed most during our three weeks trip I always answer “the Blue Mountains west of Sydney”. While browsing today’s photo essay you might understand why – it reminds me of New Zealand; lush greenery, plenty of fern and a huge variety of very different walkways.

Blue Mountains fun fact: The highest point in this mountainous region is an unnamed point with an elevation of 1,189 m (seven kilometres north-east of Lithgow). I cannot tell why the Aussies started to name the smaller peaks and gorges first; you’d think the highest point demands for a name simply by popping into the eye. But frankly, for me it is one more confirmation that many things (regions / plants / animals) in Oz rest to be explored. What a fascinating continent…

Please click on the photos to enlarge them and to read their captions. Have a great week!

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