Weekend Wanderings: Louvre At Dusk

It is probably needless to mention that the Louvre Palace and the Louvre Pyramids are one of the most popular photography spots in Paris — not only at dusk. I counted at least a dozen photographers (excluding tourists and museum visitors) while walking around the Cour Napoléon. Surprisingly, not many of them bothered to bring a tripod along. So if you want your photos to stand out, make sure to bring one for long exposures while the day’s last rays of sun hit the museum and its surroundings.

louvre paris

Cour Napoléon as seen from inside the Louvre Palace

The red neon light installation, which currently decorates the biggest of all Louvre Pyramids and can be seen in all photos below, has been created by Claude Lévêque. More light installations by the Frecnh artist are planned in throughout the year. His exhibition will stay till January 4, 2016.

louvre paris

Pastel-coloured sunset behind the Louvre Pyramids

louvre paris

Symmetrical perfection

louvre paris

Buzzing atmosphere — the Louvre museum is open till 9:45pm every Wednesday and Friday

louvre paris

Zooming in on Claude Lévêque’s bolt of light

louvre paris

The day’s last rays of sun are bathing the Louvre Palace in warm light

louvre paris

Walking from the street towards the inner courtyard and the Pyramids — HDR out of 3 long exposures to highlight the architecture of that entrance

louvre paris

Sunset behind the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, just opposite the Louvre

louvre paris

View from the Court Napoléon towards the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower

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