ANZAC: Fields Of Remembrance

100 years ago, New Zealand went to war. The nation was still young, its population rather small, and the war wasn’t fought on their grounds. 103,000 New Zealand soldiers (10% of the population) served in Europe during World War One (1914-1918).

18,200 didn’t return home.

anzac2014 auckland museum

Auckland’s Field of Remembrance in front of the town’s War Memorial Museum, which lit up in red and served as screen for images from WW1 (“Illuminate 2014: Duty and Adventure” by Gaylene Preston).

To remember these soldiers, New Zealand commemorates ANZAC Day each year on the 25th of April. This year, centenary commemorations started throughout the nation, and they will continue till 2018.

As the centenary commemorations will progress during the coming 4 years, the objective for all communities throughout New Zealand is to create Fields of Remembrance with personalised white crosses to honour those in their community who served the nation overseas during World War One.

100 white crosses have been installed already in Auckland Domain. More will be placed soon. (Please click on the images to see them bigger and in better quality.)

anzac2014-auckland domain

Field of Remembrance in Auckland Domain.

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