Bridge Trails

Wynyard Crossing, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland’s Wynyard Crossing, a pedestrian bridge out of two movable sections which are lifted several times a day to allow bigger boats to enter the marina. At dusk the bridge is illuminated in blue and white.

This is a combination of 8 different exposures (5 seconds each, with a 2 seconds gap between 2 photos). The 8 original images were combined in the Startrails App, which is normally used to stack hundreds of startrail images (not that I ever tried). Without the 2 seconds gap between each photo you wouldn’t see the “fan effect” but continuous white lines.

Now that might all sound very smart, but to be honest, the photo was an accident.

I just set up my newly bought tripod when the bridge started to lift, that’s why the framing is a bit poor and I decided to crop. My camera was set up for a long time exposure, but since it was just shortly after sunset everything above 5 seconds would have been over exposed. Without my remote I had programmed the 2 seconds timer to avoid camera shake.

You can probably imagine how absolutely delighted I am with this unexpected outcome :) Hopefully more to come soon!

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