Sunrise Over Rangitoto


This panorama of today’s cloudy sunrise over Rangitoto is a small reminder to myself that autumn is approaching with rapid strides. Honestly, I can’t wait! Not that I am ever growing really tired of sunny days and blue sky, but I must admit that I am more an autumn type of person, loving to indulge in photography during the most colorful season among the four seasons of the year. Clouds, rainbows, golden leaves – bring it on!

More weather photography.

EDIT 5th of April: Since I posted the photo above there hasn’t been a single day with clear blue skies. Clouds, rain, golden colour – that went fast! (Now I wish for a Breakers victory in the NBL Basketball Final – bring it on!) Oh, and just to let you know what I am talking about: The photo collage below shows the sun rising over Rangitoto over the past four days.

sunrise over rangitoto

2 thoughts on “Sunrise Over Rangitoto

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